Tangy Barbecue Chicken Pizza

If I am home on a Friday night, I usually make pizza.  I just started doing this within the last month and really am enjoying it. Making a fresh pizza at home is such a more enjoyable experience than ordering one. Because I made Five-Spiced Roasted Chicken this week, I had some moist chicken breast left over.  It was a perfect opportunity to develop my own barbecue chicken pizza. Most barbecue pizzas use mozzarella cheese, but I decided I wanted to use Gouda cheese, which goes so well with tangy barbecue sauce. Gouda is a nutty, creamy cheese and when I slice it, I just want to eat it right away, but this time I had to save it for the pizza. For the barbecue sauce, I used red wine vinegar and a touch of balsamic vinegar because I wanted the pizza to have a light tangy flavor to compliment the sweet red onion, instead of a super sweet taste, like most sauces.  The results? A pizza I was proud to serve and enjoyed every bite of.