The last few weeks with the holidays have been rather interesting. I cooked a brined turkey and a ham for Christmas dinner, and I have been constantly developing recipes for my book in between working my Financial Analyst job and buying gifts. Today was the first day things slowed down, as I sit here watching my favorite foodie movie Julie and Julia. It is so nice to have the next 6 days off, although I wish I had planned to go out of the country as eating and coming home with a cookbook from Spain this summer was lovely. I will have to settle for my Italy and Ireland trips this March.

While watching Julie and Julia, I realized I have not shared much of my cooking experiences with my readers, which are mostly friends. For the last two years, I posted recipes with small commentary. For 2012, I am going to begin sharing more about my life as a foodie and home cook. Especially since I have begun a a new journey of writing a cookbook, which will take years. Also, in 2011 I wish I had shared when I was chosen to participate in the Aetna Healthy Challenge in October for Taste of Atlanta because my salmon recipe was so healthy. Unfortunately, I had to go out of town for a wedding and a business trip right after, so I had to decline participating. Passing on a contest featuring one of my favorite chefs, Bobby Flay, was so painful. It was quite the dilemma as I tried to change plane tickets without success.

As we are about to bring in the new year, I plan on having fun using the lovely Christmas gifts I received of a pasta maker and electric wok. So, look for new postings as I experiment with these gifts and locate and/or develop new recipes. It will be 2012, and anything can happen.