Pho Masterpiece

Wholly elated I developed newfangled flavor combinations, which I believe will rouse fellow foodies; I developed a common case of over indulgence.  Over indulging on test recipes and tasting vast foods in a short period often cloud my mind.  A continual symptom of writing a book, I cure this cloudiness by painting a Pho masterpiece.

Pho is a Vietnamese soup encompassing herbs, vegetables, meat, rice noodles and flavor pastes which can transform into whatever a foodie’s heart desires. In its infant stage, it is a blank canvas of broth.  The endless choices of fresh ingredients allow anyone to paint a vibrant picture of soup.  Making Pho can be an innovative and creative process, as I use different vegetables, meat, and noodles reflective of my state of mind each time. Yesterday’s constituents were pork tenderloin, udon noodles, napa cabbage, mung bean sprouts, and fresh basil.  As the ingredients increase, the blank canvas of broth morphs into various stages from light, spicy, hearty and even rich, as some add egg.  My favored stages are light and spicy, since I revel in food without a disclaimer to unbutton my jeans, and opt for releases of endorphins, naturally elevating my mood. Pho can be whatever a foodie’s heart desires so grab a canvas, queue up your brush, and start painting a masterpiece.

Don’t want to paint your own masterpiece? Visit Pho Bac off of Buford Highway in the Atlanta area, which has a variety of fresh Pho.

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