We Still Love Paula Deen, Y’all

As I pulled out of the garage this morning, I heeded Atlanta’s Q100 radio chastise Paula Deen’s improper approach to announcing she has type two diabetes. Just because she announced her clandestinely known ailment (three years she has known), does not mean she should be criticized for being a ruthless influence.  Paula should not be held responsible for the way America eats. As a person who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, which is only 4 hours from Paula’s home town, I know how the locals really eat. Heck, they were eating gravely before Paula ever arrived on television. All Paula did was express her affection for southern food and promote gorgeous Savannah, Georgia, which I lived in for a summer in my 20s. Such a picturesque city, and while I had to get over the lengthy line at Paula’s restaurant, The Lady and Sons, which kept me from eating there, I say long live the queen of southern cooking.

One woman should not have to take on the irresponsibility of America’s lethargic folks. Heck, I watch everything I eat and have given some of Paula’s dishes a makeover (the pot pie was a beast), so I know her food is off da chain fattening. But my point is a grown person should know the servings her recipes list is too large and adding extra sticks of butter is criminal. Come on folks, stop blaming one lovely older lady for your lack of restraint, and take some ownership of overeating and making wicked food choices. Blaming Paula is almost as criminal as the mortgage crisis solely blamed on the banks. Yes, I am a Financial Analyst, so my views are quite particular, but getting a home loan payment for only $600 a month, when the home costs $300,000 total is almost as dreamlike as expecting to eat Paula’s macaroni and cheese and live to talk about it. Wake up people! We are adults and it is your responsibility to learn about what you are eating. It is not Paula’s responsibility to teach you. It is only her responsibility to entertain you, which she has magnificently done…y’all!

Picture Source: Madamenoire