Traminette and Dolce Bello Wines

As an Atlantan, two weeks ago, amongst the constant rains, I had an itch to explore the local culture. Discovering wineries in North Georgia and making a quick reservation, I patiently waited for two weeks to pass. Yesterday, the time came for me to venture a short hour and a half to Yonah Mountain Vineyards in North Georgia. Seeing the vineyards and countryside is what I craved to rejuvenate my mind and spirit.

Driving up to the vineyards under perfectly blue sky was peaceful, but as my sleek mustang approached the stoned, hilled driveway to the vineyards, I was rather glad I purchased four new tires the day before. Once up over the hill, a drove of green countryside preceded me. In January with 55 degree weather, it was exhilarating to see vast greenery. The wine cellar entry was not much, as it mimiced a basic barn, but once I entered this small establishment, seeing the barrels of wine was exciting.

After getting a tour introducing us to three upcoming wines, I ventured up the street, just escaping getting lost on a long country road, to the tasting room. Very pleasantly decorated, I dove into the first of 10 wines. My top choices were the Serenity Cellars 2010 Traminette and the Serenity Cellars Dolce Bello. The Traminette was a full bodied white wine with a citrus aroma layered with flavors of grapefruit, papaya and Granny Smith apples. The grapefruit flavor was most distinct on my tongue, and so I purchased a bottle of this to take home at only $18.  The Dolce Bello was the grand finale, which was much agreed after tasting. All tasters gasped as the fanciful flavors of dark chocolate and fruit awoken our senses. Highlighted with blackberries, blueberries, and rich chocolate, I was instantly captivated by this rich dessert wine. I did not purchase a bottle to take home because at $45 a bottle, this was clearly a fantastic gift and not for my shear enjoyment alone in my home. The Dolce Bello is meant to entertain a crowd, and with this, I look forward to purchasing during the holidays. This was truly an unforgettable wine and such an elaborate local experience. It feels magnificent to not have to travel far for such foodie pleasure.