A Taste of Brazil at Botekim (Marietta, Georgia)

As a foodie I habitually read articles and peruse the web with the goal of rediscovering my home city, Atlanta, Georgia. After a short stint as a New Yorker employed amongst the robots on Wall Street, returning to Atlanta years ago brought before me a city which had amiably morphed into an international food cornucopia. But from a distance, the chain restaurant masses appear to clothe Atlanta like a circus tent, creating an illusion of limited food choices. Fortunately, this is only an illusion and the pleasantries of global cuisine are largely present. I experienced one of these pleasantries while dining at Botekim Brazilian Bistro.

Years ago the eleven days I spent in Sao Paulo, Brazil working, was one with memories of just that, work. But, nothing left more of an impression on me than the food. Longing to find authentic Brazilian food, not just consisting of meat being paraded from table to table on a metal stick, my reading efforts lead me to Botekim. Last night, while dining on two appetizers of Braised Beef Croquettes and Brazilian Pork Sausage, full satisfaction of my reading efforts set in. The croquettes were a perfect balance of a crunchy outside with a tender beef filling, accompanied by a tangy Dijon mustard sauce. While toggling between the croquettes and sausage, my friend and I had the pleasure of speaking with the owner, in which he enlightened us and explained the sausage is freshly made with their own recipe. Such details provided the reasoning as to why the sausage, adorned with caramelized onions, was so superbly tender.

After scoffing down the appetizers, our server brought out Sautéed Flounder, and my face illumined with eagerness. Starring at this dish, the tender flounder was charmingly topped with mushrooms, capers, and shrimp. As I ate the first bite, the butter and white wine married with the salty bite of capers happily infused my tongue. After devouring every bite, including the silky mashed potatoes, going all the way with dessert was a must. The Passion Fruit Mousse was a luscious, creamy mousse with such bold fruit flavors, that I asked our server if there was alcohol in it. She politely laughed and said no. Chuckling at my silly question, I realized all our dishes were outstanding and this was a splendid dining experience.

Botekim Brazilian Bistro

1410 Terrell Mill Road Southeast
Marietta, GA 30067