Barbecue Pork Grill Cheese

PhotobucketThe month of April was Grill Cheese month and so, Mom’s Crazy Cooking, issued a challenge to all us food bloggers who enjoy posting and trying out new recipes.  The challenge was to find a grill cheese recipe and make it as is or put your own spin on it.  A simple, but fun challenge, and since I worked a lot of late hours last week, this was an easy thing to make. I put my veggie lasagna on hold because I did not feel like going through all the preparation, and just made this sandwich.  I like my grill cheese with thick hearty sour dough bread and thick slices of sharp cheese.  I do not melt my cheese till it oozes out, but just enough to drip over the other toppings. You may like it dripping, so go for it. Anyway, enjoy this simple, fun recipe that took me back to my childhood.  I based my recipe off of the idea from Panini Happy.  Would have been great to put my sandwich in a Panini press, but out of all the crazy kitchen appliances I have, a press I do not have. So, I just used a skillet.


1 cup cooked shredded pork, fatty pieces removed
1/2 cup barbecue sauce
8 sourdough bread slices, thick
4 oz sliced extra sharp cheddar cheese
1/4 cup dill pickles, diced
4 large iceberg lettuce leaves
spray canola oil


Warm the pork and in a bowl toss with barbecue sauce.

On a piece of bread place cheese, 1/4 cup pork, 1 Tbsp pickle, lettuce leaf, and another piece of bread.

Warm a skillet on medium heat. Spray skillet with canola oil. Place sandwich in pan and cook each side till cheese is melted and bread is lightly brown. Serve while warm.

Nutrition Facts

Servings: 4
Serving size: 1/4 of recipe (7.4 ounces).
Calories 431.37

% Daily Value
Calories From Fat  109.05  25%
Total Fat 12.33g  19%
Saturated Fat  6.77g  34%