Atlanta Food and Wine Festival, Tasting Tent

The Atlanta Food and Wine Festival is here! I volunteered to help out at the festival and tomorrow I will spend a crisp, Sunday morning happily working with fellow foodies.  As a way of saying thank you for volunteering, I received a complimentary ticket to the tasting tent, and today, on a perfect 80 degree day, off I went to midtown Atlanta venturing down Ponce de Leon in my lime green Volkswagen beetle with the sun roof open, windows down, and all of nature’s best flowing in the wind. Only 15 minutes from my home, the drive is always pleasant because I pass through one of the most beautiful historic areas of Atlanta.

When I arrived at the tasting tent, I first went to the Delta Airlines booth, which had a variety of light, crisp wines. I sampled a few but, in my mind all I wanted was food. I surveyed the area and took note of the different types of food conveniently placed in sectioned areas. So, of course, my first stop was the mecca of pork. Pork is my favorite meat and the ultimate food, just like Anthony Bourdain believes. After I finished inhaling anything pork related, I ventured off to the areas of desserts, fresh farm food, and all of the above. The variety was great, but there was a lot of wine and spirits. Having to drive home and it being the afternoon, I passed on the additional alcohol.

But, I gotta tell you, there were some memorable moments of true yumminess. My top favorite and most memorable tastings go to Taqueria del Sol for their soft taco with crispy nacho pieces in the middle, Cookie Underground for their amazing veggie cookies, and Parish for their beef bacon sandwich with a tomato relish.  I will definitely be visiting these restaurants and stores to try more of their amazing dishes. All in all, it was a lovely, spring time experience attending the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival. Next year I will try attending their cooking classes and other events, because if the tasting tent is a lot of fun, I can only imagine what the additional events have in store.

Atlanta Food and Wine Festival
Atlanta, GA
May 10 – 13, 2012