Welcome to the lowfatchick.com.  I am Summer (The Low Fat Chick), a free-spirited woman in Atlanta, GA, who loves to cook healthy and heart friendly meals. The secret to healthy meals is using fresh ingredients and spices. You will not miss any flavor with these recipes. Every recipe on this site has assisted me in losing and maintaining my weight, after I gained weight due to eating out too much. I stopped eating out so much and started cooking at home, and now I look and feel fabulous. You do not have to eat diet food to lose weight, as you just need to control portions and use healthy combinations of fresh foods, herbs, and spices.  Now, I only dine out a few times a month and when I am out, I am often thinking about what I am going to make next at home because the possibilities are endless. So much fun!

Join me in my journey to maintain my weight, along with enjoying and exploring the art of cooking.  Cook with me and share with me. Food is meant to be enjoyed and if you cook healthy and tasty, you feel better, look better, and enjoy flavors unlike any restaurant can give you. As I develop recipes, locate recipes, and sometimes do healthy recipe makeovers, I will share with you. So, stay tuned  for our weekly recipes and feel free to subscribe to our email list. Please comment and rate the recipes. You can also send messages to info@lowfatchick.com if you need to contact us.

Note: We began our foodie journey in January 2010, but upgraded to this website in June 2010 from the old site. As a result, the calendar will show all recipes prior to June within the month of June. We so look forward to adding more recipes over the years! What a journey with so much more to see and eat.