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    Southern Inspired Food at Rosebud (Atlanta, Georgia) 

    I have begun spending more time with friends in preparation for my sister, her family and my mom moving to Virginia this summer. When they depart, I will be solo in Atlanta, with the exception of my aunt, so it is vital for me to continue to appreciate friends. A few weeks ago, I enjoyed an audacious Friday night with my friend Helen, and I chose for us to go to Rosebud, located in the quaint Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta, for dinner. A newbie to this restaurant, the first impression was superb, as the night was so full of activity that we waited over an hour to be seated for dinner. Neither of us was troubled by this, as it was obvious Atlanta loves Rosebud, which has been featured on the Food Network. The television hype was properly being lived up to, as we were captivated dining on Duck Meatballs and Crab Cakes with Asparagus, clearly made with fresh local ingredients.  Fresh, fresh, and fresh, was the name of the game and Rosebud was the master of completing the plays.

    A month later, I attended brunch at Rosebud on a flawless pre-spring day, with my visiting friend Lisa. Wanting her to fully revel in vacation time, I chose Rosebud after not being able to forget their perfectly salted Duck Meatballs. Again, we waited over an hour to be seated, but this bothered us none, as we recognized the restaurant wore an upbeat, afternoon vibe coupled with a friendly hostess. When we finally were seated, we savored Braised Beef and Sweet Potato Hash, and Whole Wheat Pancakes.  The hash was pleasingly light and full of fresh local root vegetables and autumn greens. The pancakes made with Anson mills organic flour were topped with a buttery maple syrup and vanilla-sage butter.  Both dishes left us feeling satisfied, along with the precursor of Sweet Corn Muffins with homemade preservers.  While both visits to Rosebud required a wait, as I will make reservations next time, each visit was time well spent. With its contemporary, southern-chic décor, and a menu full of fresh cuisine, I will be returning for a third visit to Rosebud.


    1397 North Highland Avenue
    Atlanta, GA 30306

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    Korean Barbeque at Honey Pig (Duluth, Georgia) 

    Family has always been an important part of my life, but when I live in another part of town, sometimes it is difficult to see my family. Because of this, I often make lunch dates with my mom and aunt. We have fabulous times on these dates, as I patiently overlook my mom’s complaints about service or my aunt’s food pickiness. Of course, these are the things I love so much about my family and make dining out an adventure.  Our initial lunch quest was a Japanese restaurant, but when the waitress revealed they use MSG, we happily trotted over two doors down to Honey Pig.  Upon entering Honey Pig, we were perplexed and not sure of the type of restaurant it was.  Typical American interpretation of the name would be a southern barbeque joint, but as we waited to be seated, it became apparent this was a Korean barbeque restaurant. There were many tables with large cast iron lids topped with sizzling meat and vegetables, revealing aromas which instantly drew us in.

    Upon being seated, we were overwhelmed by an array of condiments and salads our server quickly placed on the table, and so our adventure began with perusing the menu.  The menu contained unique items such as beef tongue, intestines and pork skin.  I wanted to have an adventurous Travel Channel moment and order pork skin, but I knew the amount of fat would not be good for me.  As a group we decided on two orders of duck and one of prime pork shoulder butt.  While waiting for our meat, bean sprouts and kimchee, a fermented Korean dish made with cabbage, were placed on our cast iron lid to cook. As these sizzled, the duck was brought out in strikingly thin slices and cooked on the hot lid to perfection. The duck sizzled up into crispy pieces, like bacon, and the remarkable part was the fat drained off the lid into a cup.  With the fat drained off, I was able to eat a few bites, dipping in bean paste, while waiting for the pork. Our server initially placed the pork on the lid in one large piece, but as it cooked, the server came back and with lightning speed cut up the pork into little pieces to further brown. I ate the pork dipped in chili sauce, which was divine.

    After eating bean sprouts, kimchee, duck, pork, condiments, and a salad, to our surprise, they brought out rice and another soup.  The rice was placed on the lid and mixed in with whatever you had left on the lid. We did not know this, so we ate all our meat and only had a few vegetables left, but the rice was delicious.  After eating rice, the grand finale was a bowl of hot traditional Korean soup brought out in a cast iron bowl. This was so much food for an unbelievable price of only $21 per person.  Overall, we had a delightful experience and lots of fun. I will say the service is not the best by American standards, as our server was not friendly. But, I really did not care, as the food was so good and the experience with my family was priceless.

    Honey Pig

    3473 Old Norcross Road, Suite 304
    Duluth, GA 30096

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    A Taste of Brazil at Botekim (Marietta, Georgia) 

    As a foodie I habitually read articles and peruse the web with the goal of rediscovering my home city, Atlanta, Georgia. After a short stint as a New Yorker employed amongst the robots on Wall Street, returning to Atlanta years ago brought before me a city which had amiably morphed into an international food cornucopia. But from a distance, the chain restaurant masses appear to clothe Atlanta like a circus tent, creating an illusion of limited food choices. Fortunately, this is only an illusion and the pleasantries of global cuisine are largely present. I experienced one of these pleasantries while dining at Botekim Brazilian Bistro.

    Years ago the eleven days I spent in Sao Paulo, Brazil working, was one with memories of just that, work. But, nothing left more of an impression on me than the food. Longing to find authentic Brazilian food, not just consisting of meat being paraded from table to table on a metal stick, my reading efforts lead me to Botekim. Last night, while dining on two appetizers of Braised Beef Croquettes and Brazilian Pork Sausage, full satisfaction of my reading efforts set in. The croquettes were a perfect balance of a crunchy outside with a tender beef filling, accompanied by a tangy Dijon mustard sauce. While toggling between the croquettes and sausage, my friend and I had the pleasure of speaking with the owner, in which he enlightened us and explained the sausage is freshly made with their own recipe. Such details provided the reasoning as to why the sausage, adorned with caramelized onions, was so superbly tender.

    After scoffing down the appetizers, our server brought out Sautéed Flounder, and my face illumined with eagerness. Starring at this dish, the tender flounder was charmingly topped with mushrooms, capers, and shrimp. As I ate the first bite, the butter and white wine married with the salty bite of capers happily infused my tongue. After devouring every bite, including the silky mashed potatoes, going all the way with dessert was a must. The Passion Fruit Mousse was a luscious, creamy mousse with such bold fruit flavors, that I asked our server if there was alcohol in it. She politely laughed and said no. Chuckling at my silly question, I realized all our dishes were outstanding and this was a splendid dining experience.

    Botekim Brazilian Bistro

    1410 Terrell Mill Road Southeast
    Marietta, GA 30067

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    Midtown’s European Café (Atlanta, Georgia) 

    New Year’s Eve is a night where droves of Atlantans party eagerly, but for me, eating at a local café and celebrating my true love for food was above all ideal.  In cultural disarray, my foodie time spent in Spain frolicked with my affection for cuisine in Paris.  I clearly wanted to bring in the New Year European style and in the tradition of Spain eating small bites of food, better known as tapas, but in a Parisian café. Après Diem in Midtown, locally met these desires, as I dined on multiple plates, inclusive of Lobster Crostini and Grilled Marinated Salmon.

    Amongst the tapas I ordered, the subtle crunch of the Lobster Crostini as the bread gently grazed my tongue was most elating.  The fresh spinach was married impeccably with pan seared lobster, tomatoes, shallots, and shitake mushrooms.  The crisp splash of vodka butter sauce transformed the spinach into a delicate consistency which melted in my mouth. Anyone whose lips graced this crostini would straightaway fancy this spinach, and turn those opposed to spinach into a devotee. While an avid cook at home, I do not often cook spinach but this dish inspired me to make a change.

    After being enamored by Lobster Crostini, I picked up my knife and delved into the Grilled Marinated Salmon. The first bite happily tickled my tongue due to the light, but profound marinated flavors. While many restaurants in Atlanta serve salmon, the flavors of this dish divinely complimented the Lobster Crostini. The salmon portion was quite filling, which I discovered after devouring many forkfuls, in between bursts of crostini bites. The combination of these dishes clearly met my desire for quality, café cuisine.

    Bringing in the New Year at Après Diem was a pinnacle moment where I had the pleasure of retreating to my European travels with local cafe food, all at the mere suggestion of my dining companion. With the friendly staff, European ambiance, and distinct menu, visiting this café again would be a delight.


    Après Diem
    931 Monroe Drive
    Atlanta, GA 30308

    • Responsibility199 4:31 pm on January 2, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Oh my, vodka butter sauce… sounds so rich it ought to be traded on the commodities market alongside gold and pork bellies.

      • The Low Fat Chick 9:20 pm on January 2, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        LOL! I completely agree. It was so decadent. 🙂

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